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Project Background and Timeline
History In Oregon, every city, county, and the state itself is required to have a Transportation System Plan (TSP). Every TSP needs to coordinate with the other TSPs of the nearby cities and counties, as well as the state's.

The City of Seaside first developed a TSP in the late 1990s that addressed safety, mobility, and connectivity along the local transportation network in Seaside, but did not include US 101 (Roosevelt Drive). The City did not adopt the TSP, preferring to wait for a complete set of recommendations addressing local and state facilities and knowing that work was underway for the Pacific Way – Dooley Bridge (Pac-Dooley) project. Pac-Dooley, which called for widening US 101 to five lanes through Seaside, was not approved by Seaside voters through a special election in May 2005. Following this action, associated funding was allocated to other projects. Prior to receiving further state funding, the community must develop a TSP in accordance with the State of Oregon’s Transportation Planning Rule.

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Sunset in Seaside.

Current Project - Create a Plan The City of Seaside conducted a planning process to establish what transportation improvements are needed to address current and future needs of residents, businesses, and visitors. This work involved the Oregon Department of Transportation, Clatsop County, and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development. The map below shows the project area (click on the map to see a larger version that can be printed).

Map of the Seaside TSP project area.

The Transportation System Plan (TSP) will serve as the transportation element of the City of Seaside’s Comprehensive Plan. The revised TSP describes how the transportation network in Seaside is being used now and how it is expected to be used in the future (in 2030). The TSP was developed according to the State of Oregon’s Transportation Planning Rule; the recommended improvements are consistent with the Clatsop County TSP and the Oregon Highway Plan. The planning team, through coordination with stakeholders and the public, developed a plan for improvements to transportation modes in Seaside, including:

  • the road network, for all city, county, and state roads
  • the bicycle and pedestrian network
  • the transit network
  • the rail network
  • the airport

The revised TSP will be presented to the City of Seaside for adoption by the City Council. The adopted TSP will include a project list that can be incorporated into city, county and state transportation improvement programs and will match potential funding sources to the identified improvement projects.

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The schedule for the project.
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